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Has manufactured and traded over 10,000 types of industrial brushes. The company was founded by Mr.Phaithun Limduangden on September 4, 1989. He has experienced in techniques of manufacturing industrial brushes and developing machines over 40 years.

Initially, our company has manufactured and traded brushes for gun cleaning and household appliances. Later, many foreign investors have come to make business investment in Thailand, particularly in industrial sector. As a result of the rapid development of Thai industries such as electronic parts, automobile, food and pharmaceutical, Mr.Phaithun has realized the importance of manufacture quality and efficient management so that our factory will be become a leading industrial brush manufacturers. Consequently, our company has made an effort to continuously improve and develop our industrial brushes in order to cover all ranges of industrial brushes and meet our both Thai and foreign customers’ needs.

With trust in our company, a Germany industrial brush manufacturer has passed on knowledge and technology to support our brush manufacture capacity for household appliances, pharmaceutical and particularly industry. We have selected to purchase the best quality materials from manufacturers with high standard. Over 800 items of materials are provided such as Stainless Steel, Abrasive Nylon, Brass Wire, Nylon Filament, PP, PET, X-Type, Anti-Static Fiber, Natural Fiber, Bristles, etc. Because of the differences in our customers’ application and working condition, choosing the suitable and right materials is the heart of our industrial brush manufacture. We guarantee the high quality of our brush manufacture with the best selected materials, efficient engineering team and high quality control.

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